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Wed, 14 Sep 2011

Meet our Belgians! The Wild Tomato is proud to stock not one, not two, but ten belgian beers for your imbibing pleasure. Belgium's brewing history dates back to the Middle Ages, so we trust them. 

Tripel Karmaliet – A triple-grain beer brewed from a 1679 recipe. Spicy, fruity and sweet. 

Saison Dupont – A saison-style beer, originally brewed for farmworkers in harvest season. Bready, earthy and funky. 

Houblon Chouffe – Spicy and hoppy, this IPA is complex and unfiltered. 

Monk's Cafe – A Flemish sour red ale. Try it and you'll be happy you did. 

Westmalle Trappist – Trappist beer is brewed by Trappist monks, who rate their beers strength in the range with either enkel, dubbel or tripel. We stock the tripel, naturally. 

Chimay Ale – From another Trappist monastic brewery, this is a uniquely rich ale with a hint of bitterness. 

Duvel Golden Ale – A strong golden pale ale. For friends, neighbors and good-looking strangers. 

Delirium Tremens – Rumored to have hallucinatory qualities if imbibed in great quantities. In fact the opposite is true; The name refers the "trembling madness" of alcohol withdrawal. Don't feed the pink elephants. 

Troubadour Blonde – Fruity nose with a spicy, hopped finish. A world-class beer. 

Lambic Framboise – Inspired by the traditional kriek beer brewed with sour cherries, this is a tart and sweet raspberry beer in the Lambic style. 


Tot ziens! See you soon!