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Meet Your Servers-Elodie

Hometown: Palatine, Ill.

School: Carthage-Theater Performance

Favorite Pizza: Fun Guy

Favorite non-pizza item: Beer (Cuvee des Jacobins Rogue)

While not working at Wild Tomato, Elodie fuels her fierce body pump workouts and paintball sessions with her homemade asparagus soup, which she claims is one of the best soups on the peninsula.

Although she dreams of being Anthony Bourdain’s wife, she will settle on being a world famous actor, but only because the former job is already taken. Thus she spends her spare time testing her dialects while wearing corsets and listening to Cat Stevens on vinyl.

Elodie returned to Wild Tomato after the 2014 season for the team. “We all have each other’s back. It’s such a great group of individuals. There’s so many unique personalities that you meet here,” she said.

Despite taking some time off this summer to perform in a theater down in Milwaukee, she will always keep Door County close and appreciate the environment, the stars in the sky and always being close to water.