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Meet Team Tomato: Karina Garcia

Karina Garcia

Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico

Favorite Pizza: Chicken and Choke

Favorite Non-Pizza Item: Apple Crisp

Favorite Beverage: Fresh Iced Teas

Favorite Musician/Band: “I really like Bruno Mars. I love to dance to him. He reminds me of Michael Jackson.”

Mantra/Words to Live by: “I think the thing I say the most is, ‘Buen Trabajo.’ It means ‘Good Job’ in Spanish.”

If you have a pizza from the Fish Creek Wild Tomato, there is a good chance that Karina, our Pizza Cook rockstar is the one who artfully topped your pizza. She has been at Wild Tomato for the last three years and puts her heart into her work.

“I love cooking and topping pizzas,” Karina says with a smile. “I was in retail before working at Wild Tomato, but cooking is what I love and I love working with my team.

After growing up in Mexico, it’s no surprise that the beach is Karina’s favorite part about Door County. “I love the weather in Door County… in the Summer,” Karina said. “Not really the winter, but the summer.”

When she’s not working at Wild Tomato, you can find Karina reading on the beach in Egg Harbor (she admits it would likely be a love story) or enjoying a stack of pancakes at Al Johnsons. “Door County is the perfect spot for me to enjoy the beach and work at a job I love.”