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Meet Team Tomato: Ben Bruns & Carl Witteborg


Buddies since freshman year of high school, Carl and Ben are among the longest-standing kitchen staff at Wild Tomato with Ben in his fifth year, and Carl his third. “I guess you could say he kind of talked me into working here,” laughs Carl.

When they aren’t slinging zas in the kitchen, these two Gibraltar Alums can be found perfecting their Pokémon skills or grabbing a bite at Grasse’s Grill. Ben enjoys hiking, biking and hopes to fulfill his dream of being an outdoor equipment tester.

This fall Carl will head back to UW Milwaukee where he will continue his Marketing Degree with aspirations to work for an International Marketing Firm that allows him to travel. Ben plans to stay with Wild Tomato until his next adventure, with a potential move to the West Coast.

But, where ever their adventures take them Wild Tomato has always seemd like family for the both of them and the close knit community of Door County will always be something they hold dear.

About Ben:
Sheboygan, WI
Hobbies: Hiking, Biking and Pokemon battles and playing Super Smash Brothers
Favorite Pizza: Sausage and Pesto
Favorite Non-Pizza Item: OG Menu item: Pork Bahn Mi, Current Menu Item: Chicken Tenders
Favorite Beverage: Ginger Beer!!
Favorite Musician/Band: Gorillas or Frank Ocean’s New Album 😉
Dream Job: Outdoor Equipment Tester

About Carl:
Hometown: West Jacksonport, WI
Hobbies: Pokemon and playing video games in general
Favorite Pizza: Pepperoni, Bacon and Tomato with Ranch
Favorite Non-Pizza Item: OG Menu item: Turkey and Brie Sandwich, Current Menu Item: Mac N’ Cheese or Chicken Tenders
Favorite Beer: Ginger Beer!!
Favorite Musician: Kanye West – “I don’t like his personality, but I like his music.”

Both Ben & Carl’s Favorite Quote/Words to live by: “You win some, you lose some.”